Episode 14: The Power of Reading and Self-Reflection with Kristine Eckart

Welcome back to another episode of Thriving Together! I’m so excited to share this beautiful episode featuring Kristine Eckart. Kristine is the host of the Chronicon Book Club, using her love of books to connect with Chronicon’s community and be a part of their journey to become empowered and thrive with a chronic illness. 

A literary devotee, tv/film aficionado, chronic illness advocate, and writer, Kristine is passionate about helping people use literature to change the world. Her blog, the Gilmore Book Club, is based on the 350-book reading list from the popular show Gilmore Girls. She uses each book as an opportunity to analyze her own life and aims to help readers process and grow from tough experiences, discover their best selves, and develop better connections to the people and the world around them. It’s a bit like literary therapy! 

The Blog has covered topics such as living with a chronic illness, finding your purpose, love, and relationships, and so much more. 

A brief summary of this week’s episode: 

  • The benefits of reading and how it has supported Kristine on her chronic illness journey
  • Addressing common feelings of intimidation and inadequacy when it comes to reading and being part of a book club
  • Using books as a tool for self-reflection and personal growth


Here’s where to find Kristine: 


@kristineeckart @gilmorebookclub @realhousewivesofchronicillness

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