Ep 21 : Navigating Grief and Loss with Gina Moffa

Hey there, loves! I am beyond thrilled to welcome you to the newest episode of Thriving Together. Today, we have a very special guest joining us—my dear friend, Gina Moffa. Gina is not only a licensed clinical social worker but also an incredible advocate for helping folks navigate their way through challenging times. We explore the delicate and profound topic of grief and loss, and let me tell you, it’s a conversation filled with so much warmth and insight. Gina’s expertise shines through as we discuss various aspects of grief, including how to navigate it and find healing. 

But here’s the fascinating connection—grief and everyday activism. Yes, you heard that right! As we’ve been focusing on everyday activism in the Chronicon community for the month of June, I discovered that grief can intersect with activism in some unexpected and powerful ways. I can’t wait to share those insights with you and explore how addressing grief can be part of our journey toward creating positive change in the world.

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Summary of Episode: 

  • Gina’s new book release 
  • Exploring Grief and Loss
  • Connecting Grief and Everyday Activism

Gina Moffa, LCSW, MA, is a licensed psychotherapist, mental health educator, and media consultant in New York City. In practice for nearly two decades, she has helped thousands of people seeking treatment for trauma, grief, as well as challenging life experiences and transitions. This includes work with Holocaust survivors at 92Y, as well as being a clinical director for a Mt. Sinai Hospital Outpatient Program specializing in addictions. She received her master’s degree in social work with a specialty in trauma from New York University. Most recently; she has a forthcoming book on navigating grief in this fast-paced modern lifestyle, “Moving On Doesnt Mean Letting Go- A Modern Guide To Navigating Loss”— available anywhere books are sold for pre-order rigjt now, and on shelves August 22, 2023!


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