Ep 26: Explore Your Creative Side with Stacey Ballard

Does this sound familiar? You struggle with chronic illness or disability, and you’ve been told to focus on your physical health alone. But what about your emotional well-being? Have you considered the therapeutic benefits of creativity? It’s time to break away from the ineffective approach of solely prioritizing physical health and embrace the power of creative exploration. You deserve a holistic approach to wellness that addresses both your physical and emotional needs. Don’t let the pain of neglecting your mental health hold you back any longer. Join us to discover the healing potential of creativity and unlock a new level of resilience and coping skills.

In this episode, you will be able to:

  • Unveil the secrets of building inclusive communities for personal growth and social harmony
  • Understand the vital role of safe spaces in enhancing the lives of individuals with disabilities
  • Delve into the healing power of creative expression for a better sense of well-being
  • Recognize the unique hardships faced by those navigating friendships while managing chronic illness
  • Learn the significance of accessibility in the daily lives of people with wheelchairs and chronic illnesses

Stacey Ballard is an experienced author, artist, and workshop facilitator who works with the chronically ill. As someone who started having health issues at the age of 10, she has had hundreds of hospital visits and 20 surgeries, landing her in the ICU three times, she knows first-hand the emotional and mental impacts of being sick. With a lifelong love of art and 35+ years of art experience, she has learned to use the creative process to support her well-being during treatments and her healing process.

Artist, author, and advocate. She learned to use the creative process to support her well-being during treatments, doctor appointments, and surgeries.

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The key moments in this episode are:

00:00:00 – Introduction,

00:02:28 – The Life-Changing Experience of Chronicon,

00:07:17 – Creating Safe Spaces for the Chronically Ill,

00:10:53 – COVID-19 and Mask Wearing,

00:15:46 – Creativity and the Our Creativity Collective,

00:17:37 – Finding Validation Through Art,

00:19:08 – The Fine Art of Waiting,

00:22:14 – Finding Light in Dark Times,

00:27:05 – Friendship and Chronic Illness,

00:35:39 – Making Tahoe More Accessible,

00:37:51 – Finding the Disabled Community,

00:39:44 – The Challenge of Trusting Community,

00:40:32 – Making an Impact Through Community,

00:43:03 – Come Have Fun at the Creativity Events,

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