Episode 3: Can You Still Thrive if You Have to Take Steps Backwards?

In this episode of Thriving Together, I share what thriving doesn’t look like and how it’s important to recognize when things aren’t going as planned. I also share my personal experience of moving back home to New Jersey and deciding to sublet my apartment in Williamsburg! My point in sharing this with you is to encourage you to trust your instincts, know when to take a step back, even if that means taking a break. Grab a cozy drink and come listen to this soulful yet vulnerable episode. And as always, thank you for being here. 
Here are some other things I share in this episode:
-How taking steps back can actually propel you forward
-The importance of learning to stop trying to do everything yourself and the pressure we put on ourselves to produce.
-Reflection on the realization that the current situation may not be the way forward and the importance of taking the time to figure out what’s next.
-Trusting your journey and avoiding comparing yourself to others
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