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Chronicon is a one of a kind platform rooted in the core belief that we are all so much more than the chronic conditions we might have and even struggle with at times.

It is for anyone who doesn’t feel 100% well physically, emotionally or mentally and wants to feel less alone in their experience. A chronic illness, as defined by the U.S. National Center for Health Statistics, is a disease lasting three months or longer. About 40 million Americans are limited in their usual activities due to one or more chronic health conditions.

Chances are you have a friend, family member or colleague who is struggling with a chronic illness, and you might even be dealing with one yourself. Studies show that 45% of the United States population has at least one chronic illness today, and the rates are expected to rise to 49% by 2030. So why is the world set up to discount this incredibly large audience and leave it out of some of the most common everyday experiences? At Chronicon, we plan to include those who fit in this category and celebrate all they have been through and how they have learned to thrive in their lives.

You Deserve To Be Celebrated.

Join us for content that is curated just for you, with guests experts, new friends and exciting offers that only our community can access.

Meet Chronicon's Founder

Nitika Chopra
After living with severely debilitating psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis for over 30 years, Nitika Chopra found that no matter how hard she tried, she always felt completely isolated and alone. For a long time she assumed that it must have been because something was inherently broken or wrong with her. After getting the courage to open up about her health, she realized that every time she met someone who had a chronic illness, they felt the exact same way.

While Nitika’s career started over 10 years ago as the founder of a popular online magazine, the host of her own talk show on global television, and being a brand ambassador for some of the most prestigious beauty brands on the market, in the midst of her success she felt a deep longing for something more. Something she could create that would truly have an impact on the lives of others. That passion sparked the idea to create Chronicon. After 10 years in content creation, Nitika launched Chronicon in the fall of 2019, an inclusive community-building event focused on those living with chronic illness. The New York City event sold out, had 2,000 livestream viewers, and high-level brand sponsors. Now, Nitika is excited to announce that Chronicon is expanding online with The Chronicon Community, a new, accessible online space with inspiration, advocacy, and empowerment for chronically ill folks across the globe to connect.

The Point of Pain Podcast

These inspiring interviews will help you break the cycle of isolation and keep you inspired to charge forward.

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