The Point of Pain

A Podcast Series

Nitika hosts a bi-monthly podcast where she sits down with thought leaders, patients, authors, and truth-tellers for The Point of Pain podcast. Each episode goes deep into the heart of every guest; helping listeners feel less alone, along with weaving levity and laughter in every interview.
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An Introduction

It’s time to stop numbing our pain and the journey starts here … with this introduction to The Point of Pain podcast.

My Journey from Heartbreak and Pain to Radical Self-Love

While I will be highlighting the journeys and stories of others on this show, I wanted to share my story with you first.

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Our most popular interviews

Pain as a Pathway to Truth with Alok V. Menon

Alok shares their struggle with self-acceptance and how they reclaimed their authenticity despite being surrounded by intolerance, how pain brings us together, recognizing that life is pain, why we need to realize that everyone is suffering, and so much more!

Healing from Physical and Emotional Trauma with Ruthie Lindsey

Ruthie talks about the horrifying accident that left her the hospital for a month, the moment years later when she developed chronic pain that doctors couldn’t diagnose, how she went from not being able to get out of bed to finding joy and beauty in her life.

Allowing Your Grief to Inspire Creativity with Ingrid Nilsen

In this episode, we really get into Ingrid’s story and talk a lot about grief, which is a huge part of her story. She really lets us know that a lot of the beauty that has come into her life has been through dealing with tremendous loss and a lot of challenges that she has been so vulnerable about throughout the years.

Finding the Calm Amidst the Chaos with Komal Minhas

In this episode, we talk a lot about Komal’s professional and health journeys and the flow of business. I really hope this episode inspires you to look at your business trajectory a little differently.

The Power of Being Unapologetically Honest with Katie Willcox

By breaking down the “skinny” beauty ideal and exposing its origins, agenda, and harmful effect it is having on society, Katie empowers people to choose their health over the beauty ideal implemented by the media, and provides the tools needed to create lasting change.

From Post-Traumatic Stress to Post-Traumatic Growth with Jennifer Racioppi

Jennifer and I talk about the fact we’re both not going to having children and what that process has been like, what happens when people can’t show up for you on your health journey.